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Meet Lindsey

I am Lindsey Shelton and Pennington Design House was created by my desire to share beautiful monograms with others.

My grandmother was the inspiration for the business name, because she grew up and raised her family in the small town of Pennington, Texas. She was a wonderful cook, seamstress and a big fan of handwritten letters. She was the epitome of southern hospitality. Her love for special items and sewing inspired me to begin monogramming. What started as a fun hobby, quickly grew into a full business.

I have a wonderful, supportive husband, also named Lindsay, and four young children, Walker, Finley, Nola Kate and Crockett. When I am not busy with my family and monogramming, you can find me cooking, traveling or working on a house project.

I look forward to helping you create unique and special personalized items for you and your loved ones!

Meet Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth Gittemeier and have been with  Pennington Design House since January of 2021.

Early on, I fell in love with hosting by watching my mother. She would set beautiful tables with thoughtful themes that created an atmosphere of joy, warmth and celebration. Our good family friend, Laura Suffield, instilled in me a love of gifting: a thoughtful, personalized and well presented gift can speak deeply to the recipient. These two loves are what I hope to bring to PDH.

I also have a wonderful, supportive husband, Luke, and four young children, Quinn, Paul, Lucy and Finley. When I am not helping to run our household or PDH, I can be found reading children's books, playing on the floor and, on a very rare occasion, working out or relaxing.

Gifts are a message from the heart and my desire is to help you deliver the perfect one.

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Pennington Design House About Us