Motivational Pencil Set


Details * 20 sharpened pencils * Box size: 9" x 12.5" x 0.5" * Pencil size with eraser (sharpened): 7.5" * Metallic gold foil imprinting on pencils and box * #2 graphite * Set includes a gold sharpener and additional eraser * Erasers are latex free * Gift box packaging

  • Pencil sayings never let anyone dull your sparkle, give yourself grace, she believed she could, so she did, throw kindness around like confetti, dream big, darling, she designed a life she loved, you got this, prove them wrong, choose kindness, don't forget to be awesome, gratitude changes everything, be so good they can't ignore you, dreams don't work unless you do, believe you can work hard, & be kind
  • Pencils also include 5 pattern only pencils black and white stripes iridescent red foil hearts gold foil polka dots silver hologram sparkles

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